My two children had been in Saba’s care since she opened her licensed daycare center in September 2016. Saba’s home is very clean and she provides a safe environment for children to thrive. Saba is a dedicated and kind childcare provider. I can tell she puts a lot of care and thought into planning the children’s days. The children spend their days learning songs, letters and shapes, while eating healthy snacks and meals and even getting an afternoon nap. My children had separation anxiety at drop off time and I will forever be grateful to Saba because she was always very patient and would reassure me that my boys would be just fine. Both my children are very fond of Saba because she took the time to get to know them and form a special bond with them just as she does with every child in her care. Also very knowledgeable Saba is always able to provide extra resources and help if needed. Saba is also a great communicator the line of communication is always open and she can be reached by telephone or text message at any time. It will be a sad day when my youngest moves on from her care into jr kindergaten. I would recommend Saba to any parent looking for childcare.

Jessica M.

Saba is extremely talented when it comes to dealing with children. I have seen first hand how Saba can handle every different child’s needs. ¬†All children are different, obviously, but Saba seems to always know the best way to handle every situation. She is loving to all children with no bias towards any one in particular. She has a structured program which I am very pleased with and have definitely noticed a difference in my child.

My daughter, talks about Saba all the time and looks forward to the different activities that Saba does with the children. My daughter is now 3 years old, and I feel she is extremely smart for her age largely in part to what she has learned from Saba.

Thank You,
Dustin P.