Health And Safety:
Health and safety of adults and children is extremely important to us. Horizon Childcare Center meets and strives to exceed all health and safety requirements of the Ministry of Education and local government bylaws. We do this through health and safety checks of the indoor and outdoor play spaces. Children can rest in the afternoon or are allowed quiet time if they choose not to nap.

Horizon Childcare Center follows Canada’s Food Guide to develop menus. The menus are reviewed by the Supervisor and other staff members. Menus can be viewed on the parent communication board and on our website. We accommodate dietary or religious food requirements for children in our program.

Positive Learning Environment:
Horizon Childcare Center strives to implement flexibility in the programming so that each child can realize their full potential by indulging their capabilities and curiosities. They can try new things and explore new ideas, all while learning and developing at their own pace. The creative part of the program is planned to meet a child’s need to develop initiative, imagination and the courage to face situations. The child is given no set patterns to follow when working with paint, paper, playdough, markers, or any creative media; the children may use these materials the way they wish. Creative materials are always available and children are encouraged to explore freely at different times of the day. Dramatic toys (doll centre, blocks, puppets, etc.) stimulate the child’s imagination. Using these toys, the child enjoys role-playing, building houses, roads, etc. Children are encouraged to take on other roles and use the materials to represent what they see in the world. Children are given materials that can spark interest and encourage ideas to be extended and enriched.

Team Work:
Horizon Childcare Center works with families and children as a team. We foster collaborative and co-operative relationship between children and the adults. We believe that relationship of trust is the basis of a good foundation. Parents and educators need to work together in order for the children to meet their maximum potential. We promote a sense of belonging for children and their families in our programs. We do this by modeling positive communication and joint partnership with families. We use weekly communication log books and daily feedback.

Horizon offers both indoor and outdoor age appropriate activities to the children. Each day, weather permitting, each child enjoys minimum two hours of outdoor activity. Learning to run, jump, climb, and take turns is a healthy way to participate in group activities while developing coordination and strength. Planned activities are available as an extension of the indoor play space. Indoor materials are brought outside to enrich and extend learning.

Parent Engagement and Communication:
Horizon Childcare Center encourages and practices open communication with the families. We aim to foster outreach, engagement and communication with families about our program and their children’s learning experiences. Communication books with learning stories are sent out every week. Sharing knowledge is integral to the success of your child. Respect, empathy, trust and honesty are core values in all our interactions with families. In addition to the daily interaction with program staff, we offer many opportunities for parent feedback and involvement—such as Surveys, Newsletter on our website, open houses, parent communication board, and parent interviews. We use parent input to improve our programs and services. The partnerships with the families support our program in many ways:

Horizon Childcare Center is committed to involving and engaging local community partners in supporting children, families and staff. Resource. The Preschool Resource Services Program assist, as necessary, in setting up and maintaining an appropriate program for each child with a special need. Horizon Daycare supports volunteers and students from the community and provides placement, training, learning opportunities and practical work experience, in the areas of programming and management. Volunteers and students on placement enhance the high-quality care and individual attention given to the children in the programs.

Continuous Professional Learning:
Horizon Childcare Center is committed to hiring, training and fairly compensating staff. Our non-discriminatory hiring practices provide individuals of all backgrounds the opportunity for employment. All staff are respected, supported and treated fairly. Staff working with children is in good standing with the College Of Early Childhood Educators. All program staff attends mandatory professional meetings and is committed to continuous professional learning.