Welcome to Horizon Childcare Center. Horizon Childcare Center is committed to creating a safe, warm, loving environment for children where they can learn and grow physically, emotionally, creatively, intellectually, and socially at their own pace. We want to help your child increase their confidence, and self esteem by treating them as unique individuals, and allowing them to express themselves in a variety of facets. We strive to make your child’s time at daycare the best experience it can be for them as well as you, the parents. We are committed to supporting families by maintaining open communication and encourage parental involvement in our programming and care activities. Our objective is to care for your child the same way you would.

In programming activities for the children we follow all regulations set out in the Child Care and Early Years Act, which follows a play-based learning philosophy. We develop activities centered on stories, songs, math, fine and gross motor skills, circle time, science, music, theatre and arts/crafts. We strive to prepare your children for their early school years by exposing them regularly to letters, numbers, colours, shapes, name recognition, and new vocabulary.