The Center offers a learning program that is consistent with Ministry of Education policies, pedagogy and curriculum. We strive to be organized around the foundations of belonging, well-being, engagement and expression in children where the goals and expectations integrate the six guiding principles of ELECT (Early Learning for Every Child Today). Some of the other Ministry documents Horizon refers to and implements in its programming are:

Horizon Daycare uses a play-based learning approach to create the best environment for children to learn and grow. Our environment consists of age appropriate materials, toys and equipment. At Horizon’s we follow the lead of the children and provide activities that support their overall development and use observations to guide our planning. Play based learning allows children to learn in a way that is most appropriate for them. Each child may choose to pursue activities of their own interest, giving them the opportunity to be creative and innovative as they learn.

Horizon Childcare Center Program follows all regulations set out in the Child Care and Early Years Act. You can find the act as well as a lot of valuable information regarding childcare in Ontario on the Ministry of Education website.

Our Curriculum, indoor and outdoor environments are carefully organized around the four foundations of
learning . The Staff at Horizon’s are consistent and reliable, they are happy to see the children and families each day, and follow the same principles that are so valuable and important for the children’s emotional and social sense of belonging.

We support the connections between learning and physical and emotional well-being. Program adaptations and physical accommodations allow every child to participate and be inspired in meaningful ways.

We create environments and experiences that support active engagements and meaningful exploration by focusing on the questions and theories children investigate through their play

Progressive learning environments and practices, focused on play-based learning, encourage children’s self-expression, communication, self-regulation and their ability to deal with stress. As they learn how to remain and return to a state of calm in stressful situations, they are best able to control their emotions, pay attention, ignore distractions and understand the consequences of their actions. Staff model best practices and foster an awareness of their own ability to self-regulate their emotions. Trust in the world and people:

Implementation of the Program Statement

Horizon Childcare Center has a Program statement that is consistent with the Ministry’s Policy Statement on programming and pedagogy referred to in How Does Learning Happen? The program statement reflects the view of the child as being competent, capable, curious and rich in potential. Our program statement describes the goals that guide our program for children and the approaches that will be implemented in the program.
Staff, students and volunteers are required to implement the approaches outlined in the Program Statement when they are applicable.

It is expected that the approaches used by educators for key elements of the program be implemented on an on-going basis e.g. interacting with a child in a positive and responsive manner.

Our Program uses pedagogical documentation to illustrate how the approaches are being implemented into the program. This will provide evidence that the approaches in the Program Statement are being implemented when they cannot be observed e.g. learning stories, On-Line Documentation Resource.

Our Program Statement outlines specific strategies for implementation all goals areas and program expectations.

Our daily practices, program plans and playroom environments are aligned to the Program Statement and serve as evidence of implementation.